Connecting to Smart Trainer

Okay, I’m confused and need some help. I’m new and I’m a premium member and I want to do SMART workouts on my CycleOps Hammer and get my Garmin 935 (Forerunner watch) heart rate data to integrate. I have a Macbook and an iPhone. What’s my next move? The IOS Xert App picks up my Hammer, but not my Garmin. The player on the Macbook in the browser isn’t connecting with my Hammer or Garmin 935. Am I missing something? Are you not setup fully on IOS yet? How do I best access these SMART workouts with my setup for both power and HR? Thanks!

Your Cyclehops Hammer should be picked up by the iOS app but your Garmin watch doesn’t work with the app for HR data at this time. What you can do however, is connect your Hammer’s power meter to your 935 and record your workouts on both your 935 and your phone. Test it out and see that you can get power and HR to record on your watch. Use the iOS app to control the trainer for your workout. Select a workout and the data will go to both your watch and the iOS app. You can watch the workout using the Remote Player (data comes from the iOS app so won’t pick up your HR data unfortunately). When you’re done, you’ll have 2 workouts recorded. Delete the one without HR data coming from the iOS app and you’ll be all good to go!