Connect Xert to Garmin

Hi there, I have successfully connected my Garmin account to Xert. Is there, the other way around, a method to connect Xert to Garmin? I want to have Garmin take my Xert Workouts also into account when evaluating my fitness. Like it currently is, all outdoor training is evaluated in Garmin (using a Garmin Bilke computer) and Xert and all indoor workouts are just accounted for in Xert. Obviously the answer should not be to manually upload the files into Garmin…thank you!

Hi @RunningJackFlash

Garmin Connect will send activities to Xert but Xert will not send activities to Garmin Connect. This is how Garmin Connect works unfortunately :frowning:

Can you use your Garmin indoors too? Then Xert can take everything from Garmin. Depends what you are riding on I suppose, is it a bike in a trainer or a full smart bike ?
I record all my cycling indoors and out with my 530, sometimes on Zwift too, and I trust to Xert for overall load above the Garmin metrics

@myhandle Yes, is possible use Garmin and XERT indoor or outdoor. W/ XERT Player on Garmin Edge or XERT EBC on Android or iOS (if Apple iPhone). I use indoor only now, but, for the previous season, i use XERT only in outdoor work. Work perfectly in the both situation. One note: if you work indoor, associate your trainer at xert (EBC or Player) and, at the platform, (ie: Zwift, Rouvy etc…), associate the powermeter and the HR. Finally: TRAINER to XERT Player or EBC. POWERMETER to app training (Zwift in your case). Sorry for my bad english, i not love the translator. Corrado, Italy