Connect -> Xert -> Strava sync and other activities

I find the FAQ a bit contradictory in how you are supposed to set this up. The recommendation is to sync Connect to Xert, and then Xert to Strava (

However, I have a lot more than just cycling there, and another part of the FAQ says to not add other activities to the Xert account ( Right now, I get an error notification in Xert each time I go for a run or do weightlifting. Annoying, but at least it seems to not be getting the power data mixed up, so that’s something at least.

Between this and Full vs partial Strava Xert updates and "xert" word behind activity name in strava I find this part of Xert very confusing and frustrating. It doesn’t seem possible to have any working setup without serious downsides:

First option: Do workouts via the Connect IQ App, which hopefully can then upload to Connect, import everything from Connect into Xert and live with the errors/notifications for all non-cycling activities, and then let Xert sync to Strava (exclusive, so break the Connect link in Strava). All non-workout rides get “- Xert” plastered on them. If not using the Connect IQ app, the workouts won’t be in Connect.

Second option: Disconnect Connect, sync everything with Strava only. This means missing Power Target data for Xert workouts and perhaps inconsistencies like (Full vs partial Strava Xert updates), and not having the workouts in Connect when using the Android app.

Third option: use Connect only, don’t sync with Strava. No workouts recorded anywhere when using the Android app. Error notifications in Xert every time there is a non-cycling activity. At least the Strava feed stays clean.

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