Connect IQ data fields don't update anymore

I have a couple of data fields on an Edge 1000 that worked fine for months. About a week ago they stopped updating after starting an activity, i.e. the status dots stay orange/yellow. Credentials are still configured and correct, restarted the Edge unit as well. Any ideas? The only significant change in that time frame was the update to Android Pie on my Motorola G6 Play.

Try re-installing GCM. Updating the fields relies on GCM.

Not my favourite shotgun debugging strategy because sometimes it takes ages to get devices hooked up again correctly. Anyway, did that, and as expected it makes no difference.

Yes. It is a pain. We’re going to have to dig into this since our apps have been working without issue. Thanks for your help.

Ok. We’re in touch with Garmin on this but they haven’t seen any reports. We’ve had only one other report and it was resolved with GCM remove/install process. Have you checked all connectivity between device/phone/internet? Does the Workout Player obtain the workout when you run it? (Send a note into so that we can track. Cheers.)

Thanks, I’ll mail support when I’ve had time to do some more testing. Haven’t used the CIQ workout player for a long time because trainer control is too unreliable. Used the Android player about a week ago, which was fine, but not sure if that was before or after the data field updating failed.

We haven’t had any reports of unreliable trainer control with the app. Sometimes users forget to disconnect the trainer from other apps such as Zwift before doing their workout which can cause issues. Player is a rock solid training app. Simply ensure you have connectivity via GCM before you start it and have your sensors properly configured. If you have any issues, contact support.

Resistance completely dropped for a few seconds in intervals at least once or twice every workout (Tacx NEO).

Send an email to Cheers.

Just an FYI, I was sick most of May and didn’t get around to test other connectivity. In the meantime, the data field updates sorted themselves without any intervention (updates and such). Maybe my unit is funny. Personally I don’t care about the resistance drops in the CIQ player because I can’t live with its UI anyway. :slight_smile:

That’s when the Remote Player can help.

I’ve switched from the ConnectIQ app on my edge 520 plus to the iOS Player on my iPhone. An order of magnitude better in UI and usability :slight_smile:

We’re happy with the v2.0 iOS app too…stay tuned for some new cool updates in v2.1 :slight_smile:

Hey all,
I experienced the same issue on my Edge 1030. Edge 520 no problems. I tried literally everything, including throwing it at my wife :wink:
The thing that actually solved it instantly, was resetting the password in and next in GCM. All set!! Hope it helps for anyone with this problem and being linked to this thread…