Connect IQ app - fat vs carb

the fat/carb IQ app is pretty cool. Is there a way to customize your substrate utlization profile? i.e. all athletes will burn at different rates, can you customize that for example if you have actual RQ data from a metabolic cart?

Hi Rob! Glad to see you here. We’re going to take another run at this app later when we introduce our Endurance Energy features. Optimally, it should not require manually keyed rates and should infer them based on your data and fatigue. That is, if our modeling works as we expect it to work, having a proper signature with the addition of your Endurance Energy should estimate substrate utilization. What we’re also looking to accomplish is to use Recovery Load as a way to establish Endurance Energy reconstitution. This may require manual intervention (such as keying in carb intake) but we’d like to make it as seemless and easy as possible.