Hi all, new to the forum. I don’t quite understand how this all works yet but my MPA is different when I do a workout indoors on a wahoo trainer compared to when I do a ride outdoors… Did a ride today which says my peak power was 880 or something and the graph tells me I exceeded my MPA but it doesn’t mark it as a breakthrough workout… Is there somewhere I can read up on how to best use this software.

Thank for any help


Hi Jay,

Welcome to training with Xert! Sounds like you might be interested in one of our very first blogs - A Paradigm Shift in Training (> There’s a lot of helpful background to the software in that first blog post, but you’ll find a TON of useful information on our support page ( Finally, if you’re on Facebook, we have a really dedicated and active community there ( Hope this helps! After taking a look through things, let us know if there’s something that we can clarify. Cheers