Confused over training status

I started using Xert a couple of weeks ago and i’m hugely impressed by it, all my data was pulled from Strava and it gave me a status and form of +++ fresh, however, since two days ago my form has dramatically reduced from fresh to tired, to very tired today after I completed a tough ride yet hit multiple Personal Bests. I certainly don’t feel very tired and am confused as to why everything seems to have dropped right off.

I did less distance last week, less training, and less effort yet i am now very tired. Aren’t rest periods supposed to recuperate freshness, not decimate it.

Please help as I have no idea what’s happening.


It’s all based on the math and XSS targets versus your signature and current settings.
Start here if a beginner and feel free to post your profile so we can best answer your questions –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (

There are lots of newbie tips in that thread so read through it when you have a chance.
In the meantime if you aren’t really tired click Goals and drag the FF slider (Freshness Feedback) to the right a bit and click Update Advice. The recommendations will change.
You can also take a look at the Planner to see what day XATA predicts your freshness will return.
It is not usual to sit at tired after any workout or very tired after a tough ride/workout. The idea is XATA won’t recommend a hard workout again until you have recovered.
The upper stars color reflects your current predicted freshness while the triangle in the pacer needle below reflects 24 hours from now.
The FF slider is Xert’s way to say how you actually feel versus the prediction.
Some cyclists recover quickly while others do not (age, experience, current fitness, etc.).

Thank you for the reply, this makes perfect sense. I’ll check out the beginners forum and educate myself further.

Much appreciated

Cheers again


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From personal experience xert knows me better than I. Xert sees in advance what’s coming. But it needs some adjustment in some rare occasions.

You said that you had some PBs which makes it a hard ride. As @ridgerider2 explained Xert will propose a workout that targets a different energy system. It’s not a polarised philosophy but the end result might seem the same. So after an intense ride / rides Xert will put you on recovery (endurance / easy rides).

Go easy on the FF slider, and give some time for Xert to get to know you.