Conflicting workout recomendations

I’ve never used the recommended workouts on Xert but I thought I’d give them a proper look after the latest update. This is what I got for today when I looked at an indoor workout and then changed it to an outdoor one. The indoor was basically 2 hours of VO2max which would probably kill me and the outdoor was probably the easiest ride I’ve done in the last 12 months as it was with a friend who is recovering from knee surgery and incuded an extended coffee stop. can someone please explain the rationale behind this.
Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 06.25.19
Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 06.25.01

None of them should kill you. They are both at difficulty 1 diamond. It is two hours with VO2Max, but you also have to take a note of the duration of each interval and the duration (and intensity) of the rest.

You have the Basic Workouts Library enabled. To exclude those workouts from lists, disable the Community folder under Filter before selecting. Or Leave that library collection if you aren’t going to use them.
The Basic Workouts Library is simple repetitions to provide a pattern you can follow outdoors whether downloaded to head unit or not.
Your choices among the Standard folder workouts will be limited since you have Duration set to > 2 hours and the workout selection in the library caps out at that range.
If you want longer workouts, you can create them using Workout Designer. Or use Autogen to create a workout (available from the Training page). That would match today’s recommended Focus, Difficulty, and strain ratio.
Autogen is similar in scope to the Basic Workouts Library in that it provides a simple workout that can be ridden indoors or outdoors.

As far as difficulty goes, the MPA drawdown line and difficulty graph (shaded portion) tell all.
IOW a tame “VO2max” workout.

30 secs at 110% with 70 sec RIBs should be relatively easy to complete. A monotonous effort indoors at 2 hours but doable. Outdoors I’d execute a mini surge for half a minute that caps out 10% above TP followed by an easy spin for around a minute (full MPA recovery). Then repeat as traffic and terrain allow until I’ve reached my XSS goal for the day.

Outdoor selections will reflect what activities you have on file. There should be multiple choices to pick from aside from the one with a long cafe stop in the middle. :wink: If you want more appropriate entries to appear at top of lists, mark the alternates as favorites :star: .

Bottom line: Review the various options by type (indoor, outdoors, virtual) and scope (XSS, focus, difficulty) then pick whatever works best per your schedule and what you prefer to do.
Not finding anything of interest? Try Autogen.

i’d acually only looked at the thumbnail, seen 2 hours and VO2max and thought that looks horrendous. As you you say its actually quite doable provided you show some restraint in the surges because I suspect you’d have to do it in slope/resistance mode due to very short nature of the “intervals”