Configuring Xert metrics.

Hi Armando, i recently joined xert (my TrainerRoad subscription is ending and i wanna give a try here) but I need help to configure xert metrics.
How I must configure my MPA connectIQ gadged? Default value is 1200, it barely moved in all FTP test (just dropped to 1198 when I was barely dead). I’m a bit confused.
Today I performed an FTP test… Zwift and Garmin 820 says my new ftp is 228, Xert My FTP connectIQ says it is 236… my Xert fitness signature says 210… Can you help me before I start tomorrow my first SMART workout? Ty in advance.

You’ve got 3 activities with max power errors. They should be removed. Use the Activity Table to find them. Then you should follow the FAQ on doing a Progression Recalculation. This will correct your current signature values. Be sure to review the FAQ on configuring the Garmin apps using your Xert Code.

Ty Armando, ill give it a try.

Any cues how to find those activities? :slight_smile:

Add the Max Power column and sort by it.