Computrainer and PowerMatch

I plan to run a Computrainer on Xert mobile but I also have a Powertap G3 hub and I would like to run PowerMatch instead of using the Computrainer as a power source. I couldn’t find any source material in your videos or FAQ that specifically address this question.

I have the G3 hub, Computrainer, garmin cadence sensor and garmin HR monitor. To do PowerMatch would I just select speed and FEC (not power) for the Computrainer, power for the G3, and HR & cadence for the native garmin transmitters?

Some of your workouts/tests require the trainer to be out of power (erg) mode and require the rider to aim for the power targets through cadence and gearing (and effort!). Would I use the Computrainer controller to switch back and forth between erg and slope or the mobile app?


Unfortunately powermatch isn’t supported with the computrainer at this time.

Ok. I followed the video and selected the Computrainer for power, speed, and trainer control and I enabled. I selected “ok” to the prompt to allow xert mobile to use the usb control. Xert mobile recognizes the Computrainer but does not control it. What now? Using Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.1 using V 2.2.23(122) of xert mobile. Using final firmware on Computrainer controller . Computrainer is connected with USB FTDI cable to USB - mini USB converter on Samsung.