Compliance to difficulty and specificity

Is there way to keep track of how well you’re hitting Difficulty targets in Xert? Example would be that I might have difficulty recommendations from XATA through the week, and miss those targets, but still hit the weekly Focus and improvement rate goals. My assumption is that if I hit the difficulty and even the specificity I’d get more fit. True, or does it not matter that much if you’re hitting IR target?

Difficulty isn’t yet a target per se. Indirectly, the more difficulty you have in a workout, the more efficient it is. That’s really the key in the end is the efficiency at which you’re training. The higher the training load you have, the more strain you’re able to have and the more difficulty you can handle. These all go hand-in-hand in general.

Is there support in the Xert data that you’ll see similar improvements for 2 similar riders if they maintain the same TL, even if one hits higher difficulty targets?

They will have the same signature improvements but the athlete that can handle the greater difficulty will perform better by being able to draw down MPA more often and later into rides.