Completely Confused

I have recently transitioned from Training Peaks carrying over data since January 1st 2019. Xert continually has me in a negative form status. The only positive form number was a single digit last Saturday, after 6 days of not riding Most sessions trigger “very tired consider a week off” advice.
Prior to Xert I train 8-15hrs week

Hi Paul. If you’ve been training 8-15hrs / week, your Training Status should likely be higher than 3 stars. If you’re below this, your data isn’t properly reflecting your ability to train and will likely show yellow/red until it catches up. This is most often due to Xert not having a sufficient training history. If you’re not showing something at or more than 3 stars, be sure your data has been properly synced. If everything looks fine, send a note to for help.

Hi Armando, are you suggesting I should add more history? Because the data from the beginning of the year is accurate.

Best place to get help with signature/setup issues is through their help desk. Send an email to:

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