Complete month sctructured training program

Has Xert a strcutured training program for a complte month or it just is single workouts?


The latter - you could fill your calendar with recommended workouts, but that probably won’t work out as well as taking it day by day. Maybe, as a compromise, fill the calendar with a week? But no, there are no ‘monthly’ training plans.

I don’t use the Planner and only visit that page on occasion to tweak the freshness scale. I don’t think newbies should try to use the Planner. Just set your goal date and follow the day to day recommendations. Once up to speed on how Xert works (new user guide, help desk articles, podcasts, videos, community forum) you can dabble with the Planner a week or two at a time. But for many cyclists it’s simply not necessary. That is a big difference compared to other training platforms with pre-defined workouts scheduled far into the future.



I will re-configure date and see again