Compatible Heart Rate Monitors?

My wife is having trouble syncing her Apple Watch as a HRM for her indoor training sessions I believe it is an Apple thing. We are thinking about getting a chest or wrist HRM. I was wondering if any brand with ANT+ and BLE will be good to sync with her Ipad and Xert app?

Having used various brands over the years, I suggest going with a Polar model –
Heart Rate Sensors: Polar Verity Sense vs Polar H10 and Polar H9

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Apple Watch does not broadcast the heart rate, so it is correct that you need a strap.

iPad doesn’t support ANT+, so make sure you select one with Bluetooth support (most do these days). I use a Wahoo Tickr and it works very well.

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Plenty of options on the market, depending on what you want. I’ve listed several options below, in no particular order…

Chest strap HRM’s:

  • Garmin HRM
  • Wahoo Tickr
  • Polar H10
    I think all of these listed above are generally dual ANT+/BT, but always check before you buy!

Alternatively, if your wife doesn’t want to fuss with a chest-strap, there are also optical-based solutions designed to be worn on the upper arm that can also work well:

  • Polar OH1
  • Wahoo Tickr Fit
  • Scosche Rhythm24

I think (?) all these options are dual ANT+/BT, but DC Rainmaker’s site is a good place to read into reviews: Optical HR Armband Shootout: Polar OH1+, Scosche Rhythm24, Wahoo TICKR FIT | DC Rainmaker

Thanks a lot for the info

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Thank you for answering

Thanks for the recommendation