Is there a way of comparing last year XSS to this Year XSS on xert.

Use our mobile app and go to period stats. Then choose “Year” and left / right.

On the web, choose “Forever” time period under Progression. Click and drag your mouse on the chart to select a one-year period. On the upper mini chart, click in the middle and scrub left to move the yearly selection and watch the period numbers update.

i have been experiencing a problem with the app…it dont shows that stats. have been waiting for the update… i am EBC beta

also look at a specific periods of the year… like months in 2020 and with the same months of 2021… looking at comparing base, build ect

Hi @Tafisch ,

We caught a bug in EBC that is affecting the Period Stats in EBC - it will be resolved in the next EBC update (hopefully very soon)!
For now, you can do this by going to the web app and selecting the ‘Progression’ tab. From there, you can select the option ‘Forever’, which will show your period statistics (duration, distance, XSS, and TL) for all data in Xert. On the XPMC chart below, you can click & drag on the chart to look at your progression stats for any period of time that you’d like. :slight_smile:

Thank you man @ManofSteele