Comeback after surgery: Freshness feedback slider setting

Hi all, I´ve had a spine surgery in early January and came back to (indoor) cycling at the end of March. After four weeks of riding, I have set my goals now with a Moderate-2 improvement rate until July, 19. Due to my three months recovery without cycling, my training pacer arrows shows red permanently, independent of my actual feeling. I have set now the freshness slider to +20, to change it to yellow and to get any decent recommended workouts. Is this appropriate? I also did a breakthrough today to refresh my settings.
Screenshot (3)|690x388

Using the freshness feedback slider has no influence on your training pacer, but it does have an effect on the color of your stars.

If you have set a date mid-July, you are now already in build phase, I think, or about to enter it. As you have done probably not too much during your reboot, Xert calculates you’re way behind. You basically skipped base.

It may or may not be feasible to achieve your goal, but I would think you should just pick up the pace and see if Xert can figure it out. You can do extra workouts if you’re up for it, so that would accumulate more XSS and help get rid of the deficit.

Thanks for your advice. I have set my goal now for late august, as I chose mid-July
arbitrarily. Freshness slider is back to 0; What I am concerned now is, that I have a XSS surplus of 217 which I have accumulated since my re-entry.

Neither screenshot seems right.
I think you should file a support request with:

It’s a fine balance which is difficult to find after a situation like this. BTW, I think both screenshots are identical, but anyway…

The problem with the surplus is that now you will get only low XSS (recovery) advise. The only thing to counter that, is to change your improvement rate to (at least) aggressive, if you feel you can handle that.

You may need a little help here from support, as @ridgerider2 suggested.

I will do that. Thank you very much for your commitment and support!

Except the freshness triangle. :grin:

The color? That’s because you moved the freshness slider - I told you that wouldn’t change the pacer :joy:

I know :blush:. Have changed it to 0 for now. I also put a support request, let’s see what they find out.