Combination with strength training

For the last couple of years, I have combined strength training with cycling. For both types of training I have adjusted volume and intensity by feeling and mood. But now that I started with Xert, I would like to tweek the system to adjust for it.
My strength training is normally full body, in a CrossFit gym, using barbells and kettlebells etc.

Is there a way to tweek Xert so I can go more by the feeling in especially my legs?

Search this forum, as there are two previous entries on the subject, or try the Facebook group:

Thanks. I didn’t find it before, but now found that the “Freshness Feedback” is the place to adjust. I guess I need to play around to find the right setting

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Yes. I think that moving the slider either way only adjusts the color of your stars, i.e. it does not influence the XSS target for any given day… Not sure if there is a mention in any previous post on the subject, but you may find a way to manually add XSS. Using the HR derived XSS calculation could be one (good) option…

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