Columns in the Table View Page keep resetting to default layout :(

It doesn’t matter what column I add to the default layout, or how I arrange them. As soon as I reload the page they all are reverted to the default settings.
Could we have this fixed?

Hmm… Which browser are you using? We’re not seeing this.

It’s worth to be noted that till a week ago or so everything was ok. Then, suddenly something changed.

You may want to try and clear your cache.

Cache cleared, but same result.

I’ve also tried on 2 different PCs - my son’s and one I have at work.
Please note that neither of them have been used to log in Xertonline before.
The SO of my son’s PC is W10, browser is Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m 64-bit.
At work it was W7 + Chrome.
Both of them reset columns as well.

Columns keep resetting also when browsing on my phone (Samsung S5), or my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2).

Please note that until 1 week -maybe 2- ago it worked flawlessly.

Not a big issue really, but rather annoying.

Anybody else experiencing this? Any Idea? :frowning:

Very, very strange. Try and right-click the table and select “Inspect”. You’re probably not a Javascript coder but check to see if there is anything there that looks strange and let us know.