Colouring discrepancy: Training Status Form / Training Advisor / Planner

Hi guys,

new to Xert (but watched the Academy series already) I have a probably very basic question:

The colouring for Training Status Form / Training Advisor / Planner differs always, is this a common feature?

Let me explain in more detail:
Yesterday the stars from “Training Status Form” were red, so were the stars in the “Planner” tab, so indicating a “Very Tired” status - but the triangle from the “Training Advisor” was orange, so just “Tired”.

Checking Xert early today after my cut off time which is set to 8am it was the same, checking couple of hours later (yes, I am curious what Xert is doing even not training :D) the “Training Status Form” stars were just orange, so was the “Training Advisor” Triangle but the “Planner” stars remain red.

So why are the colours different and why did my form improved from “very tired” to “tired” on the Training tab but not on the Planner tab? Why did it improve at all as nothing changed?

Probably, there is a simple solution I am not seeing yet :).

Let me know in case I have not described it properly - I can provide some screenshots for sure :).

Thanks a lot & ride on!

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On XO ( home page, Training Status is as of now which can change at any time. Refresh browser page if you typically leave XO open in your browser for hours at a time (or overnight like I do).
The Planner and XATA use the As Of time set under Goals. The default is 11:59pm for end-of-day whereas changing it to 1:00am would be start-of-day.
Opening an activity added to the Planner shows the status as of the start time of the activity. If you add workouts to the Planner the start time defaults to the *As of" time unless you edit the start time.
Adding activities to the Planner affects form calculations so leave Planner blank if you want to see normal pattern in days ahead (from current status until green/very fresh).
Yellow/tired refers to status (high/peak system stressed; low strain activities recommended) and not too tired to ride.
Whenever calculated form does not match how you feel, you can adjust the Freshness Feedback slider to recast recommendations. Set back to neutral (0) when calculated form feels about right.
The color of the triangle in the Training Pacer reflects calculated form 24 hours from now.

Lots of newbie tips posted here – Beginner questions
Revisit the Academy series videos on occasion as you’ll get more out of them the second or third time around – Discover + Improve + Perform
FAQs here – Support Home – Xert

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcome and your clarification. I have not paid attention to the little “as of” which is shown for Planner and XATA but NOT for Training status :innocent:.

Xert seems like a journey and it will continue with me reviewing the Beginner Questions. Will be back in a couple of weeks :grinning:.

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