Can you customize the MPA / Power numbers to better see them for colorblindness sensitivities? I think for me just a black, white, cross hatched, grey may be best. I was able to see some colors but the red green yello is hard to see. A black background helped but not good in bright sunshine.

Hi Paul. Firstly, we appreciate your request and desire to see the colours for power on the datafield. It’s great that you finding a lot of value in the meaning they are conveying. The Garmin CIQ system overall doesn’t have a lot of flexibility unfortunately and the configuration and stability of this is always a challenge, as many here will attest. We don’t typically like to develop too much with these for this reason. An option is to use the TTE field and put in a power value that provides some info that you can use in place of the colours. We have been thinking about developing an Mean-Maximal Power (MMP) datafield which would allow you to configure the 30s or 180s MMP values that the red and yellow colours correspond to.