Coffee stops mid ride

HI, I just noticed that the duration of activities in xert is the “total elapsed time” of the activity and not the actual “moving time”. I will quite often have a coffee stop mid ride and was wondering if this will this have an impact on my signature and or training load/recommendations as the weekly summary reports time I’m not riding? for example, today xert says my activity was a duration of 2 hrs 47min, but my actual time riding was only 1hr 59min. Thanks

Great question Anthony. Unlike other systems where you need to track how much time you spend idle since they affect your training stress and overall training load, with Xert rest is rest. You can’t get fit by resting (you can recover by resting). So it has no affect on your signature, strain, focus, training load, etc. In fact, if you turn on auto-pause, Xert will re-insert your idle time since this affects Difficulty Score and MPA, which recover during idle time.

Thanks for that Armando. The adaptive training advisor suggests the hours of training required weekly to sustain my current improvement rate based on my recent training history. So, if my recent training history includes a significant amount of non riding time (i.e. coffee stops mid rides), will this artificially inflate the recommended training time required in the advisor? Would it be more accurate if I was to record 2 separate sessions instead of one session with a coffee stop, or would it make little difference?

Depends if you wish to have the coffee stop included in training time. :slight_smile: If you’ve been training for 10 hours a week and it included stops and XATA suggests you need 11 hours reach your improvement rate, the 11 hours would include stops too.

Thanks again Armando. This makes the XATA recommendations make a lot more sense and more achievable.

So stopping the Garmin and saving the file at the coffee stop and then starting a second ride after it would have a detrimental effect on the Xert data then ?

Only insofar as the advisor will think you prefer to do shorter rides. Other than that, no effect.