Coaching Feature request

I am looking to have the coaching option have communication between the coach/athlete be more within the activity page as commentary. I have been a long time user of trainingpeaks coaching and this has worked well since all comments and posting of rides are auto sent as an update to my email.


Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Hola Armando.
Estoy con la misma opinion que Amos.
XERT sería espectacular con la gestión de planificación de TrainingPeaks.
Ahora mismo me obliga a TP para gestionar / comunicación con atletas y XERT para análisis de datos / preparación de entrenamientos.

Hi Armando.
I am with the same opinion as Amos.
XERT would be spectacular with the planning management of TrainingPeaks.
Right now I am forced to TP to manage / communicate with athletes and XERT for data analysis / training preparation.

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@garminsucks I just want to say that I concur with your request and I love your username :grinning:

I wanted a name that was easy to remember. Of course I have a 1030 a tacx trainer and sell Garmin in my shop…

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