Coached Athletes Activities: Table View

Hi! I get this error when clicking to view my athlete’s activites in table view. It pops up twice, and the activities do not load. The Calendar View works fine.
Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 12

(Sorry if this has been asked already, I couldn’t find a search function for the Forum)

Does he have any issues loading his table?

I’ll ask and report back!

Also open his dashboard and see if there are any activities that aren’t loading. His account is quiite old and may have old activities that didn’t get processed correctly.

Thanks, Amrando. I’m told that table view does work for him. I believe he only created his account last week.

Hi James. Max Powers requested access to your community. Could you add him to your community and promote him to be a coach and assign to Jason?

I get the “something went wrong” message when clicking Approve for Max Power.

It worked on desktop (I was attempting to approve earlier on mobile).

I can’t see how to assign Max to Jason. I’ve promoted Max to coach, removed my assignment to Jason, and I can now only see a “+ Assign to me” for Jason.

All is working fine for me. I can open his Actvitity Table.