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Hi. A few questions. How can I add athletes to a coach account so they do not have to pay the fees? I coach riders from different teams. How can I setup these athletes so they can’t see each others data? For now I just want to load the athletes data into Xert. Not ready to move away from WKO4. How can I get athletes to upload to both TP and Xert? Thank you.

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Hi Kevin. Many coaches will create premium accounts for their athletes and provide them with the login credentials (be sure to have them agree to the terms of use and privacy policy if you’re going to be managing their data on their behalf). You could have your own set of accounts that you use. You can reset and reuse them for new athletes or you can just cancel subscriptions and leave athletes data when they no longer are your athlete. This is good since their data remains on the system for future use/reference. Just create a new account for another athlete in that case. Athletes won’t be able to see each other’s data. Note you can setup multiple coaches in community if you have others that will also be providing coaching help.

If your athletes are using Garmin Connect, then just set them up with the Garmin Connect interface. It will go to both TP and Xert. If they use some other head unit, they’ll have to use the Upload Activity on the menu. Plug in their heat unit and just drag-and-drop their power files on the upload area. Duplicates will be automaticall y detected so they can just choose their recent rides and the system will analyze them after loading.

If they are Strava users, you can have them sync with Strava. You can make accounts private on Strava so that their data isn’t shared.

Xert offers some unique perspectives unavailable in other software that coaches will find very valuable. It will take a bit of rethinking though. We believe a lot of the concepts and reporting that’s been developed in software over the years has been developed to try and assess what Xert tells you directly. For example, looking for and comparing best MMP efforts will eventually be a thing of the past since MPA data, and the associated Fitness Signatures are really what you’re trying to assess. These become visible with greater frequency than just when athletes managed to produce comparable sustained MMP efforts.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Could you please point me in the right direction on how to setup premium accounts for my athletes. i can’t seem to find this information. thank you.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this for them from the coaching interface. (If this is what you’d like to see, we can add it to our roadmap). You will need to login to their account and click on the subscribe link at the top.

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