Closer 140 Workout downloaded to Zwift

When I opened up Closer 140 in Zwift,the work intervals (and 30s warm up’s) are inverse to what is shown in Xert. Lower to higher (Zwift) vs higher to lower (Xert).

Recovery Intervals are correct.

I realize the workout will act differently in Zwift vs player.

Idea’s? Suggestion’s?

Hi Scott,

Can you share a screenshot of the workout view in Zwift?


Interesting… If you can, attach the ZWO file here so I can take a look at it.

Note that any workouts like Closer series, Gasoline, etc. are much better performed in an Xert workout player, since we can perform the curved intervals. In Zwift, the Closer workouts will be much harder, since they use a linear decrease in power vs. the exponential drop in power that you’ll see in our apps.

Thanks for your response.

I understand how smart those workouts are.

I’ll give the Android Player a try again. I entered the year 2016 and bought a Galaxy S7.

I also bought a 530. What’s the most user friendly for workouts? 530 or Android?

Looks like i’m wrong. Preview on Zwift shows Ramp Up (screenshot shows I’m not Totally Crazy),But when I load workout,it shows Ramp Down as it should be.

Not able attach file at the moment. But I just download ZWO from Xert onto my PC and copy and paste it into Zwift Workouts

I would use the 530 for now - Android app is getting an update, so might be a good alternative then…

I would go with the 530 any day, I’m using the 520 plus and the Xert player for almost all my indoor cycling workouts.

Works a treat for 99% of the time, sometimes it will loose connetion to trainer and that’s probably due to Zwift being active I guess. It works out real nice building your own workouts for Zwift TT events and such too, having you on the edge and perfect pacing if you construct your own XSSR workout :slight_smile: