Clearing the Forecast AI recommendations on the planner removes the manually added constraints

I am pretty sure this happened twice and I don’t want to risk it again to verify it.

I took some time to put on the planner my constraints (holidays etc). I created a plan which was not great then I decided to change the goal and the duration so I rerun the FAI. It did not only clean the prescribed intensity but also my holidays and time constraints. It kelt only manually planned activities.

IMO, those constraints should persist between runs of the FAI as they are independent to the plan or at least give me the option to retain them.

Again, please see the comment about not having it verified thoroughly.

Pinned activities has been mentioned as a feature in the next Beta update.
I assume this will include the option to pin holidays, etc. that have no XSS value. Or should that be a separate function?

That is the current intended behaviour. If you remove the forecast completely and return to Continuous Training for example, your planned activities and availabilities get cleared. When you go back to Forecast AI, you’ll need to re-enter your availabiliities.

The reason for this is because it’s the only way currently to completely reset Forecast AI and start over again from the beginning. The reset includes removing all previous availabilities.

If you open Program window or the Set up Guide and do not remove the training plan, your availabilities should persist. Running a new Forecast AI will just replace all your existing forecasted activities.