CIQ intervals going long

Last night I did a workout using my 520 and the CIQ player to control my Magnus trainer. The main body of the workout was 3 seven minute repeats at 250 watts with a 2 minute recovery between each. The intervals actually ended up being 7:13, 7:23 and 8:06. my output during the intervals was about as steady as you could expect, so there were no troughs or extended periods when I was under target, and all of the intervals averaged slightly over 250. The only difference between the workout as designed versus performed is that I manually adjusted the power downwards by 20 watts during the recovery intervals. Any explanation for why the intervals went long? I know the smart workouts will extend intervals if you don’t maintain target wattage, but that wasn’t an issue here (and i don’t know whether the “smart” function applies to personal workouts anyway). FWIW, the workout as designed showed only a small drop in MPA during the intervals (824 to 820 after the third) followed by an immediate return to 824 during the 2 minute recovery. As performed, there was a slightly gr eater drop in MPA (down to 790 after the third interval) and MPA did not return to 824 until about five minutes into my cool down. Thoughts?

There is an issue that Garmin is aware of with the 520’s where they slow down due to insufficient computing resources. This has been caused by a recent firmware update. Will post an update to the group when we get one.