Choosing events from 1 year ago

Not sure how to do this on the new planner, I am trying to populate a few of my planned AI suggestions with events that I’ve done over the last year so I can pin them and plan around them. Problem is they are a year old and so they didn’t show up in the list of outdoor activities. Any other way to do this? If I don’t use the actual ai planner, there is no way to pin them for a recalculation

Select Filter and uncheck Recents Only –



Thanks! Right in my face :slight_smile:

You could also go back and favourite any of those activities (if they’re frequent events/routes), which might make them easier to plan again in the future!

Edit: just checked and you might still need to un-check the ~recents filter if they’re older activities

We added the ~recents only feature as the default option so that users wouldn’t be recommended routes/activities from several years ago if they’ve moved to a new location or did a one-time ride that can’t be easily repeated. Only looking at recent activities also dramatically increases the loading time of recommended activities :slight_smile: Faster to scan through tens of activities rather than hundreds or thousands!

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Would love the ability to load a planned route from RWGPS or similar to plan a ride I have not yet done. Any chance?

Not at this time. Xert would need power data to estimate XSS & Focus/Specificity for the ride.

You could manually estimate those for an upcoming ride. Or just ride it & ‘Adapt’ afterwards :slight_smile:

I have started using the Garmin Power Guide feature, I wonder if there’s a way to upload this to you where essentially it is creating a structured workout for an outdoor ride. You should be able to calculate off of that.

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I suspect not unless the power guide could be exported as a TCX/GPX/fit file

It’s an interesting idea, for sure!

I have not seen anywhere I can download it but, that would be great for planning. In general I have found that future very helpful to help me pace myself on outdoor rides.

I still have not been able to master riding to focus on outdoor rides, especially for endurance days. I live in a pretty hilly area and no matter what I do I end up with 10 or 8 minute power. The Garmin feature makes it possible to stay on track to some degree.