Choosing Athlete Type

Clicking the link leads to an OOPS. :slight_smile: I ride only indoors because of prior injury leading to balance issues while cycling and am now currently recovering from abdominal surgery. My KickR Smart bike is providing a remarkable tool in forestalling the development of abdominal adhesions secondary to that surgery. I have no cycling goals, using biking only to enhance and maintain my recovery and CV conditioning. I couple it with high intensity strength training x2/month following a negatively accentuated protocol. Because of a long history of marathoning and ultra-marathoning, I abhor long slow distance/endurance only activity. My strength training is essentially a Tabata-like protocol. I am 83 years old w/ a CERG body age of 69 and a Garmin “age” of 75. How do I choose my Athlete type? Thanks in advance,


Here is link about choosing athlete type

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Thank you very much, PertiiS. I now have a good “focus” for better determining what I need to know.

take care, Anthony

You may find this helpful too (my mod of the help file chart) –

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Ridgerider2, thank you very much. Excellent graphic for depicting my type. I expect I have to get several more workouts recorded before the my graphic will portray my type (it’s right now a full circle). Based upon a long-ago history of marathoning and ultra-marathoning, I won’t be surprised if I fall into the Endurance/All-Rounder categories, more the former than the latter. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to post this graphic. Anthony :slightly_smiling_face:

Very handy thanks. Where is that spider chart from? Is it within xert?

George, yes, the chart is located within Xert. I found it displayed by going to Home to My Fitness to Ranking. HTH


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Sorry, I meant the one that ridgerider is showing as my one in xert looks nothing like that.

That’s my mod of the chart shown in the help article that @PerttiS linked to. :slight_smile:
I hope it clarifies that rider types are pts along your power curve that roughly fall into quadrants.