Checking my fitness signature

Is it possible to check my fitness signature? Something seems wrong, I’ve been riding for a couple of years and my FTP has always kinda been in the same range, around 214. I’ve had some time off the bike this year and been riding again for a couple of months now and suddenly it seems I am so much stronger on paper…not trusting the numbers

Hi Rene. Your progression looks very good. Your breakthroughs are matching your training load increases quite nicely. Remember that FTP isn’t static. It changes as you train and detrain. This is what Xert is able to pick up from the data. It can easily fluctuate 50W over the course of a season. Yours is moving higher because you are putting in a lot of training. The breakthroughs Xert is detecting is the sign that you are on the right track. Keep up the great work!