Been transitioning from Trainer Road to XERT Past month. I run a laptop with ant+usb stick. I have a Wahoo Smart Trainer and have been using xert player on Garmin and Remote Player on pc. How do I configure so the I can use ERG mode on smart Trainer. Only seems to allow me to use power meter on bike in non erg mode. Please Help. Thanks

Hi Charlie. The key thing to remember is the use the Back button on your Garmin and choose SELECT to bring a search for available trainers. Your trainer should first be removed from your list of sensors on the Garmin otherwise it won’t be detected. From there, the app will control your trainer. If you have a power meter, it will also automatically calibrate your power meter with the trainer so that your power data is coming from the power meter and not from the trainer, i.e. it does “powermatch” for you. See our videos. There is one that shows how to configure this.

Thanks Armando advice did not work but I set it up with KICKR on iPhone player after reviewing the videos. I had a wahoo cadence sensor. Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Assume power control form KICKR only comes in ERG mode? If not please explain how I change. Also what are training advantages of working in ERG vs. Other modes?? Thanks Again

The iPhone app only works in erg mode at this time. Power and control are from the KICKR. The advantages are that the trainer helps reaching the power targets. There generally isn’t a difference to training effect.

Thanks Armando! I am all set in both ant+ with Garmin and Bluetooth with IPhone. Thanks again for the quick response.