changing MPA on Garmin edge 520.

Currently xertonline calculates my MPA at 980ish, but the MPA on my garmin says 1200. I’ve used the code provided to try to change it on Garmin Express, several times, but it just stays at 1200.

Try rebooting your device or use Garmin Connect Mobile.

Exactly the same thing is happening on mine. Funnily enough at the same MPA os 1200W. Coincidence? I’m using Garmin Connect. Trouble with rebooting the Garmin is I think you loose all your data fields and different screens and it all has to be done again which is a real pain. If I’m wrong on that somebody please tell me.

If you see 1200, it means that the Garmin isn’t reading your Xert Code (1200 is the default). All I can say is keep trying different things. It’s a problem with the Garmin and they all seem to have their own unique quirks.

Thanks . For a market leader Garmin sucks!

I’ve rebooted the Garmin (Stop/Start for 10secs) and uninstalled all the data fields. Before reinstalling I checked on my mobile and the Fat & carbs could not be uninstalled but it doesn’t seem to be on my device when using my mobile. When using Garmin Express it’s not showing and it’s not showing on the garmin itself. Any ideas?

Try changing activity profile and then try and remove the app. You could even try and plug in the device, remove the PRG files from the Garmin/Apps folder and all the SET files from the Settings folder. This will remove all the apps.

Rebooting worked for me, but after rebooting, in addition, I had to turn everything off, phone and garmin, turn off all blue tooth and wi-fi, then turn it all back on. I don’t know why this worked, but it did.

And, yeah, Garmin 520 Edge kinda sucks. They support racing, though, so I’l stick with them for awhile. Hope, they get this figured out.

You can try deleting the prg file from the app folder you should then get a clean reinstall through Garmin Connect Mobile. Turning on and off, removing from data field, etc, etc does not work reliably for me. I usually stick to managing the data fields and setting via the mobile app as I don’t find changes via Garmin Express to settings etc come through to the mobile app end of things.

Okay, I’ll try that because upon further attempts nothing has worked. No iPhone ap, either.

Meh. Nothing changes MPA. But TTE did reflect the change. So, lesson here is don’t buy a Garmin Edge 520, me thinks. More expensive ones don’t seem to have the same problem?

My 520 was working fine then suddenly the MPA went to the default 1200W and stayed there. Methinks it’s todo with either a Garmin update, a data field update from Xert or a combination of the 2. I really don’t have the time or to be honest the expertise to keep messing around with my Garmin. I just want to ride my bike!

Try temporarily changing to another activity profile and then back again.

Didn’t work. I did ride on the Indoor Profile this pm and just switched back - still showing 1200MPA

Is your Xert Code still showing the default?

I removed the MPA & Power from the Data Screens and uninstalled them using Garmin Connect on my mobile. I then reinstalled the MPA/Power Data field on the garmin updated my signature then put in on a data Screen. Result - Still showing the default 1200W

I have the same issue. I erased the prg files, then downloaded everything again. Oddly, I’m able to change my TTE from 500 to 400, but my MPA stays at 1200, no matter what i do.

Double-check you have the correct code without trailing spaces.