Changing Decay method - bug?

Hi, my signature is too high having smashed my way around Mallorca for a few weeks but now back on the turbo. My plan was to switch to high decay until it’s where it ought to be (LTP about 20W lower) but when i switch back - having un-ticked the “recalculate since last BT” button…. It recalculates.
Is it me?
EDIT: tried it several times, looks like that toggle just doesn’t work now

Did you use the same power meter on your vacation vs what you use on the trainer? if so there should not be a reason to adjust?

Assiomas on tour, Wahoo Kickr indoors, though I’ve got the Assiomas recording too (to populate my Garmin) and they’re showing the same reading on Garmin as on Zwift, so I’m not sure it’s a data error.

But riding a Lucy I had to drop it to 90% to keep my heart-rate from heading for zone 4.

I have the same pedals and trainer (now I am actually mostly using Kickr Bike), and the medals typically shows 10 W less than the Kickr. You might want to check that, and if there is a difference use the pedals as the power source when riding indoors as well.

Also, if you do not have proper cooling with enough fans that can be an issue that will give you a higher heart rate indoors for the same power.

It is a bit hard to use Xert’s if you basically have significant fitness signatures indoors vs outdoors (given that you do workouts both indoors and outdoors)

Hi Hans,
Got the Headwind plus a large desk fan for my face and an open window to very low temps, and my power sources seem to line up. For ordinary endurance work I’ve never had an issue with the indoor/outdoor difference (only for sprints, for obvious reasons). I appreciate your response, though it is to a different question :slight_smile:
My issue was: does the “do / do not recalculate since last progression” toggle work any more when switching between decay settings, as it seems to recalculate mine no matter what.