Changing "as of" time

Hey all, I see reference to the ability to change the “as of” time (time if day xert calculates its recommendations), but I can’t find where you do that anywhere in the platform. Is this something I’m missing, or is it a functionality in the platform that’s changed since the documentation was made?

An new to xert, but loving it more and more as I figure it out.

It’s a setting that is thankfully gone :slight_smile:

Brilliant. So do the calculations get made on the fly now, or is there a time of day they are made?

It seems they are calculated on the fly based on when you put activities on the planner…

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Whenever you visit the Training tab page the status stars color will match the freshness form gradient as calculated on the Planner based on the current time*. Advice and form are “As of” now.
However, on the Planner when you select + Add an Activity or Choose Training, the advice is “As of” the time shown in the Activity time box which defaults to the time you normally train on that day of the week.
When you change the clock time you’ll notice “Recalculating advice” appears and new recommendations are generated based on that “As of” time. The recommendations may change if time entered is sufficiently further from your last activity. For example, if form during the day is changing from red in the morning to blue in the afternoon or blue to green or yellow to blue.

*It is a good idea to refresh the browser page if you leave XO running on your PC/laptop throughout the day. This ensures you are not viewing cached content.

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