Change signature for injury

I’ve been injured for about 4 weeks now, no outside riding and only just starting the Zwift Academy and first Zwift race in a long time last night. My TP has been slowly decreasing in XERT and I’ve gone from 4 stars to 2 :pensive: But I have nothing, can’t finish the workouts, race was hard as always but came nowhere in the B’s.
I’m thinking that I should manually adjust my signature down as it’s not decreasing enough?
I’ve been as high as PP1070 HIE24.8 TP295, currently PP980 HIE21.6 TP270 which didn’t even touch the MPA in the race as I couldn’t get anywhere near my supposed 270TP.
At the start of season was PP1060 HIE17.4 TP251 - should I go back that?
Also try to get my head around what HIE really means/affects? and is that too high and suggesting I have more to give if I get above TP.
I assume if I lower my signature too much I’ll just get breakthroughs and it’ll come up to where it needs to be?
Thanks peoples

Hi Jamie,

Sorry to hear about your injury! What decay setting are you using?