Change Ride Duration - Garmin Start time wrong

I charged my Garmin on Thursday and must have hit the start button. Jumped on the bike this morning (Sat) did the ride and then saw that after the upload its from Thursday and the XEP and XSS are zero as its duration is over 1 day . I tried removing the Time from the front of the ride using Fit File Tools but still no joy. Garmin connect show correct stats with thursdays date but doesn’t have the huge time gap.
85.80 km Distance 3:21:43Time 25.5 kph Avg Speed 1,008 m Total Ascent 205 W Avg Power

Any advice on how best to fix ?

What happens when you use the Section Remover instead of Time Adjuster?

If i use the segment remover It doesn’t remove the long lead in time.
Garmin connect shows the correct stats but Xert takes the training over a 48 hr timeframe so no training effect

Even when you select “Collapse time”?

Thanks to Scott in Xert Support for fixing this

“Scott (Xert), I used the fitfiletools website to make 2 changes - first to trim all the ‘dead’ space at the start of the activity. Next, I used the time adjuster to modify the activity’s start time.”