Change of TP After Upgrade Trail Account

After upgrading to a paid subscription and importing the history previous to the 3 month which have been imported in the trial period my FTP dropped about 10% from 234 to 215.
I assume it is because in the summer time I do ride very seldom indoor rides and for outdoor rides I have no power meter therefore I did delete this activities afterwards.
In my XPMP chart I see a significant drop of TP in this time - where I did only 1 or 2 workouts per month indoor.
Is it possible that Xert has difficulties in this case?

Yes though if you wore a HR monitor Xert can estimate training load and focus via heart rate derived metrics. Need to activate it in your profile / account settings, then I guess reload those activities.

Also, and as importantly, if you don’t have regular all out breakthrough efforts with power measured, you should probably put signature decay method to ‘no decay’ (also in those settings). Once you’ve done that it’s then worth locking your last breakthrough (go into the activity, advanced MPA, then save) - from then on your signature will just move up and down based on training load

Hallo Wesely,

thanks for you tipps.
What really helped was to go to my last “real” FTP-Test (which was at 12.Nov) and to adjust the TP in the Advanced MPA Tab to the archived value.