Chain Slapping from High RPM (high watts) to Low RPM (low watts)

Is there a way to make the trainer flywheel slow down quicker when going from High RPM (120 plus) to lower RPM (85-95)? When going down to a lower wattage it takes about 5-10 seconds for it to slow down. I try to slow down the cadence but usually end up “slapping” the chain against the lower wattage until the flywheel slows down.

Also will Xert take this into account in it’s calculations that it doesn’t see me working against the required wattage in the workout?

I am using a Kickr Core trainer.

You’ll have to experiment with your gears to see which combo works best as there isn’t a function to brake the flywheel.
Shift up/down two gears and see what works better for the interval set.
The higher the gear the faster the flywheel speed which means higher momentum.

Xert only considers watts applied during the interval. The trainer should sense you aren’t applying watts during those seconds. You can see this by enabling Target Power on the power chart for the activity, then zoom in on a high/low interval set to view second by second results.
Make sure power smoothing is disabled on your KICKR Core as that will hide what’s actually happening.

Ive had this issue before.
I change across to slope quickly which might have been on say 2%, then i change back to auto.
Recently I have lowered my cadence ,up to 10 rpm and I can control that problem alot more…

Thanks for the responses.
I have lowered my cadence and paying attention to RPM when going to very low watts.
Will have to see about the power smoothing. Not sure where to look for that.

Look in wahoo app .
Youll find it in there when you click on kickr core.
Sorry cant show you im not connected.