Cardiac Impairment specific app

Spot on was whoever said it that: “Life happens while you’re making plans.” I’ll spare you the details, save to mention that if you pedaling along at 146 bpm and 2" later you see 193 bpm on the HR of EBC requiring chest strikes and valsalva coughing to normalize, giving consideration to “a fibrillation event” is worth of a bit of thought.

So, if any of you are facing or have faced this or other sorts of cardiovascular compromise, it may be useful for you to take a look at Be advised I am NOT a so-called “ambassador” for these guys, but I can tell ya this: being able to record ECG live while pedaling is enormously valuable. I’ve done that with standalone ECG’s, e.g., Movesense HR+, and those data don’t even begin to approximate with the Frontier unit does. Cheers. Anthony