Carb Fat data field

Am having some difficulty getting the carb fat data field to work on my garmin 520. It has worked but now am getting an IQ! symbol. Have tried removing the field and reinstalling it without success. Any suggestions, thanks

Try moving to another activity profile.

Thanks, I have tried placing the data field in another activity profile but got the same result.

If you used Garmin Connect Mobile to install, you might want to try using Garmin Express instead or vice versa. If you’re technical, you can open the Garmin as a storage device and remove the associate PRG and SET files for the app. Seems like the Garmin sometimes is unable to properly upgrade/remove the apps when new firmware is loaded.

Thanks I reinstalled through garmin connect rather than express and it worked a treat. Hoping this is going to prevent my habitual 2 hour bonking, thanks