Can't upload my rides via BT

Since installing Xert Player on my 520, I can’t upload my rides via my phone. Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Hi Morten, this isn’t an issue with the Player since it just uses the Garmin service in creating an activity on the device. Garmin Connect Mobile has been a bit spotty as of late and we’re seeing some users having to restart the GCM and/or the device to get activities to sync to GC.

I’ve restarted my device a hundred times, but it still won’t sync via BT.

And you have Garmin Connect Mobile running on your phone and connected to the 520?

Yes. Some times I get syncing failed, and some times not. Either way, it won’t upload to Garmin Connect.

Yeah Garmin Connect Mobile can be very fussy at times. I’ve heard from some users that have had to uninstall and install GCM to get it to work. We’ll be sure to share any instructions we may get from Garmin to help you with uploading your rides to Garmin Connect.

(I apologize for hijacking the thread, but this may be a similar issue)
Hi Armando, related to this, I had my first trainer workout with the Connect IQ Edge 520 Xert player. While the app worked excellent, I’m having trouble storing the data. I pressed save at the end of the workout, and I see the activity stored in Garmin Connect. However, there’s only “trainer power” data available, so when synced to Strava, no power data shows up. And then, when Xert syncs Strava activities, no power data shows up either. Exporting data from Garmin connect, I can only get a TCX file to load into Xert, and that has no power values either. So I’m quite stuck at this point. What should I do? (BTW, I set up Xert to sync with my Garmin Connect acct, but it doesn’t look like it’s pulling anything in).

Hi Bayram. Checkout the FAQ: “No power or speed data on Strava after a completing a workout using the Xert Player for Garmin”

Thank you. I’ve read through that earlier, and I don’t mind the lack of power data on Strava. However, is there a way to get this data into Xert?

You’ll need to either sync from Garmin Connect or upload the FIT file. Our system will parse the additional power data field as power data in the FIT file. It won’t get sent if you are only syncing with Strava unfortunately.

I see, thanks! uploading from Garmin directly seems to have done the trick.