Can't Ride "Lazy" Enough for Recovery

Just starting to use Xert. Seems I’m “Very tired” so today I tried a recovery ride. I rode 2 hours at a gentle pace I could ride all day - slower than what I’d do for a 5 - 6 hour granfondo. But I live at the top of a hill, so the last 15 minutes I rode uphill in my lowest gear, staying below 75% of max HR for most of the way. Yet, when I loaded today’s ride, I get “very tired” again, and my condition dropped. And now, I’m listed as “very tired” til Wednesday. Is this reasonable? Do I have to put my bike on the rack and drive it to a flat area to get a recovery ride?

Active Recovery rides can be used to replace days when you’re completely off the bike. 2 hours of riding, even at a very moderate pace, will likely continue to leave you tired.