Can't Keep up to xss even on moderate 1

I’ve tried xert a few times now as a subscriber. I just renewed this month and analyzed my last six months of rides. I choose a moderate 1 improvement rate and continuous improvement. I have had to do 1 to 1 hour 20 minute interval sessions every day and I’m still approaching where it says I should reduce my improvement rate.

I’ve watched the youtube videos and it says you shouldn’t need a rest week on the moderate 1 improvement rate…lol…I did sufferest and even that would only have me doing one or two HITT sessions a week and then a rest week every 3 weeks.

Were is the periodization? How can I keep doing 1 to 1/12 hour HITT sessions everyday?

ATP = TED is a phased progression.
Program Phases – Xert (

ATP = Continuous is either floating (Maintenance) at your current TL and selected focus type or pushing yourself with a ramp rate > 0. Since you are not following a progression you can decide which direction(s) you want to take things, adjusting settings like IR and athlete type along the way.
Continuous Improvement – Xert (

What is your current status stars count and weekly TL number (from Weekly Stats under Planner tab)? If you started high, close to the max hours you can commit to, then even Moderate-1 will be difficult to maintain. However, you can improve fitness with IR set to Maintenance by designing your own blocks within that schedule. You can use the Planner and switch things up week to week.

The higher the starting count/TL the more blue/fresh form is expected with higher intensity workouts recommended. You can use the Freshness Feedback slider to dial things down if not feeling as fresh as the predictions.

You are in charge of any periodization you wish to apply (3/1, 2/1, X days on/X days off) or any weekly allocation you wish to follow such as Mondays off, Tue/Fri hard, Saturday long/easy, Sun group ride. XATA will learn that pattern and recommendations will reflect it in future weeks (ex. Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Fridays). Otherwise XATA will even out the hours as you are experiencing. You can use Filter to change duration or simply ride longer/shorter as you are able day to day. XATA adapts to whatever you decide to do.
If you are not following a regular weekly pattern the pacer needle will keep you on track based on the rolling weighted average over the last seven days versus what you plan to do in near future.

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