Can't generate workout report

I’ve followed the directions posted here:

But when I record an outdoor ride with my Garmin 1030, I do not see the button in my Xert Ride Summary for me to generate a workout report, nor does the image of the workout report show up in Strava.

I am certain that the ride is uploaded to Xert first, since the ride title and description in Strava have the Xert details.

Does anybody know why I cannot get the “Workout Report” image?

Hi @reustonium,

Sorry you’re having issues with the workout reports. At this time, the workout/breakthrough reports are only available when:

  • A Breakthrough/Fakethrough is detected by the system
  • A workout is recorded using the Xert Workout Player, Xert Player for iOS, or Xert EBC (for Android)

We don’t generate a workout report for every outdoor ride recorded on a Garmin. Hope that makes sense!


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Thanks for the response, that’s pretty disappointing and doesn’t provide enough value to offset disconnecting Strava from Garmin, due to the loss of routes and live segments on the Garmin head unit.

@ManofSteele can I ask if you can consider being able to generate ‘Xert Workout Reports’ in Xert for rides from Zwift, Garmin, etc ? When I look at my Zwift rides in Xert Online there is a thumbnail showing the time profile of the activity using the Xert colours etc hence it looks like some of this is being done in the background already.

Xert doesn’t generate workout reports for me on outdoor workouts. Xert recognizes the workout, because it automatically names the activity with the workout name. But there is no “workout report” icon next to “Cycling summary”. When I do workouts indoors on the trainer, the workout reports are always available. Both indoor and outdoor I run the garmin CIQ Xert workout player.