Can't connect my Xert account to Garmin Connect

Hi guys, when I hit the connect button under Garmin Connect option, it goes to garminconnect website and the loading icon keeps turning and turning, and no result. Is it because I am still on trial, or missing something else?

Open a new tab on your browser, go to Garmin Connect, sign out and then sign in again. Once you’ve done that keep that tab open, open up Xert again and repeat the process to connect, it should now work. This is what I had to do after restarting with Xert at the weekend.

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Thanks mate, this did the trick for me. It was an Authentication error on the Garmin side I suppose. Cheers !

Edit: I thought that would sync all my workouts on Xert to Garmin Connect but it didn’t. Does it only work the other way around as Garmin > Xert? @SecretSquirrel

Yes, you can only sync from Garmin to Xert. If you want to sync a workout to Garmin, you need to record it on a Garmin or in Zwift then it will appear in you activities on Garmin Connect.