cannot save workout via Android App

Hi Admin/TechSupport,
I have been using your app for a little while now. however, the user unfriendliness of the Andorid App is detrring me from using the App. i always struggle to save. recently lost a workout as a result of this.

can you please do something urgently to sort out the navigation on the Android App version. i haven’t used the App since.

Hi Baphiwe,

Sorry to hear about the lost workout. To keep your progression in line, you can drag the workout that you performed into the fitness planner.
What steps did you do upon ending the activity? When ending an activity, the proper steps are to: click the ‘Time’ datafield in the bottom right of the activity page. This will bring up a paused menu. From here, you will click end activity (if doing a workout it will ask to end workout or end activity - ending the workout will stop the workout, but will continue recording data like a regular bike computer). After you click end activity, a final prompt will ask if you want to save or discard the activity. HTH

Hi Scott, I will try this approach later this evening. thank you…