Cannot pull MPA down

I had breakthrough today. It became on the beginning of ride. I tried again to pull it down a few times during my ride, but as is visible on a graph, it hardly moves even I was on my limits and in a pain. I am new to xert, but I am wondering, is not that sign of wrong signature, perhaps HIE too high?

Hi Peter,

Welcome to Xert! Great questions… we have some related threads on this topic in the forum about reaching MPA later in a ride.

In short, there are some second-order measures of fatigue that may impact your ability to perform later in the ride (motivation, nutrition, hydration, saddle comfort perhaps, haha). We currently don’t (can’t) model any of this in the software.

Some athletes are able to hit MPA repeatedly, multiple times throughout a ride, or even 5-6 hours into a race… see Topics tagged pro-racing . Others, not so much.

We have some ideas on how MPA calculations can be improved later into a ride and are doing some testing already! Hopefully something we can share with everyone in the future! :slight_smile: