Can you fix this/add an option: short interruptions in trainer connection make MPA based workouts unsustainable

Hey guys, occassionaly, my Garmin 530 on which I execute Xert workouts using the app loses the power reading from my Kickr Core for 1-2 seconds. My Epix 2 still shows the power reading and the resistance is there (ERG mode) and is still controlled, but the Xert app in this moment thinks that my power is zero. That is not a problem so far. But sometimes, this happens during an MPA-based intervall, where I am supposed to drain my MPA to a certain number. Of course, my MPA immediately starts to climb back up as soon as the Xert does not receive the power figure from the Kickr. And then, Xert tries to make up for it by cranking up the resistance and a hard workout that was hardly sustainable (but sustainable) becomes unsustainable. This is in particular the case in workouts, where the MPA drain is supposed to happen in a short amount of time, for example the “warm-up” intervall in the hardness test (which by itself is designed to make people die) or the 60 second “Drop that MPA” intervall in the “My Way or the highway 4.0”. Here is a picture from the “Highway”-workout where the during the first 60s intervall the power went to zero (but wasn’t…) and Xert made up for it by going up to 450w which almost made me die.

And the picture does not show the whole truth, the power was zero in the middle of the 60s for 1-2 seconds. The same happened later in the 4th short intervall as one can see.

So now my fix request/feature request. I know that it is intended to work that way - however, it does not make sense in ERG mode but only if I control the power (slope mode I think it is called?). In ERG mode, the power figures I see in a preview of a workout should be the power figures actually applied in the workout since in ERG mode exactly the power necessary to drop the MPA as planned is applied and when you somehow overcome the resistance no matter what cadence, you also hit the power target. So can you add some kind of a checkbox that can be checked in order for Xert ignoring such short dropouts and “replay” the workout on the smart trainer as is shown in the preview?

That looks a bit too clean to be your actual power chart.
Do you have power smoothing disabled in the Wahoo app for the KICKR?
ERG Mode Power Smoothing on Wahoo KICKR & KICKR SNAP Smart Trainers - YouTube

It is activated - is there a problem with that and does it affect the “issue” I described.

Unlikely it affects the issue described but disabling Wahoo’s questionable “feature” would provide an accurate picture of watts generated against trainer resistance.
If the problem only occurs with certain workouts you could try riding those in Slope mode.
Or try EBC and see if the issue only occurs with the Garmin Connect IQ player.