Can Xert suggest an athlete type for me?

Ive chosen “breakaway specialist”, but i wonder if Xert instead can suggest an athlete type for me in wich i have the most potential as a cyclist based on my data (im thinking maybe i want to be a sprinter, but in reality my data may suggest i have the most potential as a rouleur).

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On the rankings tab you will see a spiders web type chart that indicates your relative strengths based on your data.
On the assumption you would stay with what you are strongest at currently that will suggest a type for you.
I have shared mine below. I think it quite clearly shows that I will never be a sprinter.

Hmm, mine isnt very helpful there. I have pretty much the same stats on everything except some dips in sprinting. And since I haven’t ridden that much I’m not sure if those dips are due to me not having aimed for alot of breakthroughs there or if it’s a correct representation of my fitness profile. So don’t want to draw to big conclusions right of the bat.

You can have a look at your activities table and sort that by focus, which will tell you what type of rides you do most. Maybe also look at specificity for those.

This will probably be your preferred type, so you can set your profile accordingly, provided that you would like to specialize it further.

I have a similar wheel, although I lack in sprinting, as I don’t do sprints, so that makes sense - most of my rides are (Sprint) Time-Trialist, followed by Climber.

For both of those, my focus is on one hour power, as I do most climbing in the Alps and climbs are typically quite long there.

Okok, but that would only give me an answer as to what i, as you say, prefer. What i prefer may not be what i actually have the most potential in.

You’ve appear to have the filter set to take into account the entire Xert population. Try narrowing it down ny age and gender. You may get a more meaningful graphic.

It probably would, if you take specificity into account. Other than that, Xert cannot really help you with your preference. I guess it could, at best, deduct the same thing you can find by looking at those rides and your own feeling regarding the different athlete types. If you don’t like sprinting or time-trialling, you probably should not go for that, pick something else and go from there…

I have it set to ”Male” and ”everyone”. But my agegroup gives me pretty much exactly the same result.

Okok. Thank you.

I had a little confusion when I first started also. The event I planned for was a rouleur type based on the previous year I did it. I decided to go with a Sprint Time Trial to build some aerobic fitness, since I remembered finding it hard to finish at the end. Started in March at 218 TP, at about 254 now. Building a base feels so much better this year. image|690x426

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My spider web is a very small circle.

You can use the chart to judge changes in your fitness over time compared to others using Xert.
Keep in mind there are top cyclists in the mix that generate numbers most of us will never come close to achieving by a wide margin. So the bar is set very high at 100%.

I pay more attention to the shape of the chart to determine strengths or weaknesses within my power curve. That will show up as an irregular square or star shape rather than a round circle.
The two circular charts to the left of the spider measure your personal growth over time compared to the population group selected.

As to which athlete type to select, GC Specialist is considered a good place to start.
You can always change athlete type at any time to affect which workouts are recommended.
If you are a new to Xert this thread has lots of tips to consider –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (