Can we export fitness signature please?

So far I’ve been using different tools to track fitness, but Xert has been by far the best one (once you figure out the subtleties of fitness decay options)’
But I’m also using a number of other tools for training (Zwift, SufferFest, etc) and planning (TrainingPeaks, WKO, GC, even Strava). The problem here is that all of those tools (with few exceptions) don’t have a real time adaptive fitness signature like Xert, so I am constantly plugging my daily FTP (and in some cases like SUF, the 4D numbers) whenever running workouts there. Many of these tools can automatically import other metrics, like body weight (from Withings or Garmin scales) as they become available.

It would be really cool if Xert had a way to export the fitness signature to other services. This is a huge benefit over other services where your “ftp” number gets stale quickly and you’re definitely not leveraging your full potential.
Maybe just have an API to access these and let people figure out how to plug them into other services would be a good start.

But updating your FTP in Zwift, TP or Strava automatically would be huge imho.

Side note: there should be a “Feature Request” category for posts, or at least a Tag…

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Hi Marco,

Good idea. I can add this to our list of potential developments.

Added :slight_smile: